Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter and Spring 2013, Pages 2-115 
2. Comparing the Bidirectional Baum-Welch Algorithm and the Baum-Welch Algorithm on Regular Lattice

Pages 14-22


Vahid Rezaei; Sima Naghizadeh; Hamid Pezeshk; Mehdi Sadeghi; Changiz Eslahchi

3. Linkage of Parkinson’s disease in two very early onset siblings to a locus on chromosome 1

Pages 23-29


Maryam Malakouti Nejad; Mehrdad Hashemi; Gholam Reza Shahidi; Elahe Elahi

5. Fungal Infection Alters Phosphate Level and Phosphatase Profiles in Arabidopsis

Pages 42-57


Tahmineh Lohrasebi; Katayoun Zamani; Mohammad S. Sabet; Mohammad A. Malboobi

7. Molecular Phylogeny ofthe Puntius (Hamilton, 1822) Based on Nuclear Gene RAG2

Pages 66-75


Faezeh Yazdani Moghaddam; Mansour Aliabadian; Siti Khalijah Daud; Mahvash Seifali

9. Production ofHalothermotolerant α-Amylase from aModerately Halophilic Bacterium, NesterenkoniaStrain F.

Pages 85-97


Mohammad Ali Amoozegar; Bardia Samareh-Abolhasani; Mohammad Shafiei; Maryam Didari; Javad Hamedi

10. Familial Prion Disease Cases Without Mutation in PRNPGene

Pages 98-103


Sahar Jelodari-Mamaghani; Gholam Ali Shahidi; Mohammad Roohani; Farzad Sina

11. Expression and Purification of Human Interferon Gamma Using a Plant Viral Vector

Pages 104-115


Sayed Mohsen Nassaj Hosseini; Masoud Shams-Bakhsh; Ali-Hatef Salamanian; Shyi-Dong Yeh

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Winter and Spring 2013, Pages 2-115
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