Aims and Scope

(1) Aims and scopes

Progress in Biological Sciences is an international journal for scientists engaged in all aspects of biology from basic to applied, biomedical, environmental sciences/applications. The journal publishes high-quality papers that has not been previously published elsewhere, and aims to provide biologists with an international forum to publish their original findings within the scopes of journal that includes Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Cancer Research, Cell and Molecular Biology, Conservation Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Endocrinology, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Paleobiology, Phylogentics and Biosystematics, Physiology, Plant and Soil Sciences, and Zoology.  Manuscripts describing cross-disciplined research are particularly welcomed.


(2) Type of papers

Original Research Papers. An original research paper should report the results of an original research. The material should not have been previously published elsewhere, except in a preliminary form. An original research paper is normally subdivided into sections including Title, Abstract and keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, Competing interests, Authors Contribution, and References.

Review Papers. A review paper covers biological questions within the scope of the journal, which is interesting to scholars in biological sciences. It should be synthetic and critical assessments of fields of research of value to specialists leading to significant new insights. The author(s) of the Review Papers should be experienced in the field of corresponding research, and contributed significantly to the knowledge in that field. Reviews will be upon invitation, however if you would like to submit a review, please email the Editor-in-Chief with your proposal.

Short Communications. Restricted to short papers (not exceeding four published pages including figures and tables), it covers original research papers with exceptional news value. Introduction of software tools or databases of general interests in any field of Biology are also covered in this section.

Viewpoints. A viewpoint article expresses an opinion of a clear scientific nature, based on rigorous scientific research in biological sciences. Viewpoints generally are not peer reviewed but are subject to editorial approval.

Letters to the Editor. It should either offer comment on a paper published in the journal, or comment on any general matter providing that this is relevant to the scope of the journal. In the case of letters commenting on published papers, the author(s) of the paper will be given the opportunity to react to the letter, and the two items will subsequently be published together in the journal.