Main Subjects = Animal Physiology
An evidence of intersex males in Jajroud River Loach, Oxynoemacheilus bergianus (Derjavin, 1934)

Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2017, Pages 97-108


Amir Pourshabanan; Alireza Sari; Bahman Zeynali; Masoumeh Malek

Protective role of vitamin C on spatial memory and oxidative stress alteration during paraquat-induced toxicity in male rats

Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2017, Pages 79-85


Hassan Saei; Homeira Hatami; Omid Purbagheriyan; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Gholamreza Dehghan

Alterations in antioxidant defence in the early life stages of silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2014, Pages 179-187


Fatemeh Liravi; Amir Parviz Salati; Farzad Asadi; Hossein Pasha-Zanoosi