An efficient and simple CTAB based method for total genomic DNA isolation from low amounts of aquatic plants leaves with a high level of secondary metabolites

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Department of Biology-University of Isfahan


An efficient DNA isolation protocol specifically modified to get pure quality DNA required for molecular studies
has been reported in this paper. Some aquatic plants (Potamogeton spp., Ceratophyllum demersum and Myriophyllum spicatum) were used for the study. The protocol developed will be useful in getting high and pure DNA. Instead of using the available DNA extraction kits, this protocol can be used to get pure quality DNA, free
from proteins and polysaccharide compounds. The absorbance rate A260/A280 was 1.92 ± 0.069 and A260/A230 was 1.73 by spectrophotometer and NanoDrop machines which showed the sample genomic DNA is pure, free from contaminant proteins and polyphenolics/polysaccharides compound. The highest concentration of DNA was 640 ± 340.58 ng/μl when measured at 260 nm. When we run on agarose gel also, the isolated DNA gave a clear and sharp band. Thus, the DNA does not need any additional purification before proceeding for molecular analysis of the isolated DNA samples. This protocol is very simple and economical which will find wide applications in genomic studies of aquatic plants.


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