Flavonoid Patterns and their Diversity in ten Stachys L. (Lamiaceae) Species from Iran

Document Type : Original Research Papers


Department of Botany, Faculty of Sciences, University of Shahrekord, 115, Shahrekord, Iran


Stachys genus with medicinal properties and high polymorphic features has been considered one
of the largest genera of Lamiaceae. The aim of this study was to determine the flavonoid pattern
variations and flavonoid groups in ten Stachys species belonging to two sections; Fragilicaulis,
and Aucheriana. The studied species were collected from natural habitats in Iran and analysed
for their flavonoid constituents using thin layer chromatography with silica gel. The purification
of the flavonoid compounds of each species was carried out using column chromatography with
sephadex LH20. The identification of flavonoid class was confirmed by spectral data. In order
to study the flavonoid variations, cluster analysis was used with SPSS ver.20 software. The
results of this study showed that the highest variations were found in Stachys pilifera Benth.,
Stachys aucheri Benth., Stachys ballotiformis Vatke and Stachys benthamiana Boiss. Based on
the results, six flavonoid classes were identified. Most of the flavonoid classes were found to be
flavones. The flavones and isoflavones were observed in section Fragilicaulis and flavanones,
flavonols, isoflavones, dihydroflavonol, chalcones and flavones were in section Aucheriana. It
can be concluded that the flavonoid compounds are appropriate markers in chemotaxonomic
studies of the Stachys genus.


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