Identification of flavonoids in leaves of seven wild growing Salvia L. (Lamiaceae) species from Iran


Department of Botany, Faculty of Sciences, University of Shahrekord, Shahrekord, Iran


This study documents the flavonoid constituents of seven Salvia species in Iran namely S.
atropatana Bunge, S. limbata C. A. Mey, S. sclarea L., S. ceratophylla L., S. multicaulis Vahl.,
S. hydrangea Dc. ex Benth., and S. eremophila Boiss. The studied species were collected from
their natural habitats in Iran and were analyzed for their flavonoid constituents using twodimensional
thin layer chromatography with silica gel 60F 254 as solid phase. The purification
of flavonoid compounds of each species was carried out using column chromatography with
sephadex LH20. Based on the results, 53 flavonoid compounds were identified. The most
frequent flavonoid subclasses among seven Salvia species were flavones (35.7%) and the least
of these were dihydroflavonoles (5.3%). The most important structural variation observed in
flavonoid was related to hydroxylation patterns. Among the identification of flavonoid, eight of
them were reported for the first time in Salvia species of Iran. The highest numbers of flavonoid
compounds were identified in S. multicaulis and S. hydrangea. It can be concluded that the
flavonoid constituents seem to be a suitable indicator in chemotaxonomic studies in Salvia