Evaluation of effectiveness of some mitochondrial genes in biosystematics and phylogeographic studies of house mouse (Mus musculus ) subspecies

Document Type: Original Research Papers


Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Shahid-Beheshti University,Tehran, Iran


The identification of the efficiency of some mtDNA genes of Mus musculus species complex (house mouse) for biosystematics research was studied in this approach. Recent studies have made use of different mitochondrial genes including NADH dehydrogenase genes, cytochrome b gene, cytochrome oxidase genes, D-loop region and whole mtDNA genome to study the house mouse species. Usage of each of these genome regions has its own advantages and disadvantages. Identification of appropriate genomic regions is very important for molecular biosystematic research. We have shown here that NADH dehydrogenase and Cytochrome oxidase genes (particularly COX2) are especially useful in biosystematics studies and subspecies identification,
whereas D-loop region is the best candidate for biogeographic and phylogeographic studies
of subspecies of this species efficiency-wise as well as economically. These candidates are
introduced considering that the first two gene complexes are highly conserved whereas the latter
is well receptive to gaining and preserving the mutations through time.


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