A Karyological Study of Some Murid Rodents (Rodentia: Muridae) of Iran


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Family Muridae consists of eight genera and 28 species in Iran. This family shows notable variability of karyological features. In this study, karyological data derived from 11 species of 7 genera of this family of Iran are presented and compared with previously published accounts. The included species were: Mus musculus musculus from Gonbad (2n=40, FN=40) and Birjand (2n=40, FN=38), Rattus norvegicus (2n=42), Apodemus uralensis (2n=48), Apodemus avicennicus (2n=48), Apodemus hyrcanicus (2n=48), Apodemus witherbyi (2n=48) from Zanjan and Gorgan, Nesokia indica (2n=42), Meriones libycus (2n=44), Meriones persicus (2n=44), Meriones crassus from Kashmar (2n=54) and Tabas (2n=60), Tatera indica from Zabul (2n=68) and Hoveyzeh (2n=66) and Rhombomys opimus (2n=40).