Effect of AtNRT2.1 transgene on HATS nitrate uptake in transgenic Nicotiana plumbaginifolia


1 University of Isfahan-P.H.D

2 Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz-P.H.D


To investigate the impact of overexpression of AtNRT2.1 transgene from Arabidopsis on nitrate
uptake rate and to understand the regulation of endogenous HATS by nitrate and glutamine amino
acid (Gln) in tobacco plants, wild-type and transgenic (F line) plants grown on soil for 4 weeks
were transferred to hydroponic culture in a controlled-environment with a 16/8h L:D photoperiod
at 24? C/20? C, 70% relative humidity and 150 ? mol. m-2. s-1 light intensity. Nitrate uptake over
time was studied by the ion depletion method. Nitrate uptake in the 2 h exposure to 150 ?M nitrate
showed an increase in the transgenic line compared to the wild-type plant. Subsequently the uptake
trend followed a similar pattern in wild-type plant and transgenic plants